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Crack is Whack

  |   By Polling+ Staff

In this conversation, Matt Towery and Robert Cahaly discuss various topics including the polls, the upcoming debate, and potential VP picks. They also touch on the issue of migrants on the voting rolls and the importance of voter ID. The conversation concludes with a discussion on potential VP candidates, with a focus on loyalty and qualifications.

Towery and Cahaly discuss the upcoming presidential debate and the potential implications for Joe Biden’s candidacy. They speculate on what might happen if Biden performs poorly and debate the strategic options for the Democratic Party. They also touch on the possibility of Biden being replaced as the nominee and the timing of such a decision. Towery brings up the analogy of Richard Nixon’s resignation and suggests that Biden could be ‘Nixoned’ if he doesn’t make it through the debate.

They also discuss the media bias and the coverage of Biden and Trump. Towery mentions the importance of the democracy theme for the Democrats and how it may or may not resonate with voters. They briefly touch on sports and the upcoming Olympics.

The conversation concludes with a lighthearted discussion about Mick Jagger and drug use.