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Rigging the 2024 election has begun

  |   By Polling+ Staff

Rigging the 2024 election has begun.

So says senior editor Daniel Flynn over in The American Spectator.  Flynn notes that the rigging of 2024 started long before the current effort in Colorado to keep Trump off the ballot. Flynn writes: https://spectator.org/dems-rebut-2020-rigging-accusations-by-rigging-2024/

“The people most insistent on the purity of the 2020 election work feverishly on rigging the 2024 election. It makes one wonder. 

This anti-democratic effort includes interpreting the suffrage-expanding 14th Amendment to deny suffrage to Donald Trump’s supporters in 2024. A Washington, D.C.–based group, for instance, sued in Colorado this week to prevent the name of the candidate favored by most Republicans from appearing on the ballot there. If the involvement of an out-of-state group did not serve as a clue, then its board comprisingpartisan Democrats— and a “Republican” who endorsed Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden for president — signaled the politics-by-other-means purpose of the motley crew. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington President Noah Bookbinder justified preventing the opposition’s preferred candidate from appearing on the ballot by maintaining that ‘it is necessary to defend our republic both today and in the future.’”

The problem here – and as Flynn notes it is indeed a serious problem – is that whether this rigging business started with FBI agent Peter Strzok and his “insurance policy” to first prevent Trump’s 2016 election and then was later used to disrupt his presidency, or whether it is today’s multiple indictments of Trump combined with the attempts to keep him off the ballot, the bottom line is that all of this reeks of rigging an election, in the current case the 2024 election.

Flynn concludes:

“It does not scream strength when the votaries of a flailing octogenarian base his reelection on clearing the field of an opposing candidate. It does scream rigging, election interference, and all the other political curse words hurled by them at Trump after 2020.

When Democrats storm the halls of democracy, they wisely do so with lemon-faced lawyers in pantsuits rather than hirsute gentlemen wearing facepaint and Viking horns. Every day since Jan. 6 has been Jan. 6 for Democrats.”