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REPORT: The Simpsons Will No Longer Show Homer Strangling Bart Because ‘Times Have Changed’

  |   By Polling+ Staff

The iconic animated TV show ‘The Simpsons’ will no longer show Homer angrily strangling Bart because ‘times have changed.’

The sight gag of Homer throttling Bart has appeared in countless episodes of the long running show, but is apparently no longer politically correct.

Lots of people believe the show has been running for too long and lost its edge long ago.

Breitbart News reports:

‘The Simpsons’ Has Quietly Ended Scenes of Homer Strangling Bart: ‘Times Have Changed’

Fox’s The Simpsons has quietly retired the recurring scene in its hit cartoon, in which Homer Simpson strangles his son Bart, saying, “times have changed.”

New episodes of The Simpsons will no longer feature the common scene in which Homer strangles Bart has been retired in an attempt to keep up with modern times, according to a report by Daily Mail

As many fans of the show know, the scene is one of the most recurring gags of the sitcom’s three-decade history, transpiring whenever Bart does something wrong.

Homer yells “why you little” and wraps his hands around Bart’s neck, resulting in the younger character’s eyes bulging out of his head. But lately, this scene hasn’t been happening in The Simpsons.

During season 35’s episode 3, titled, “McMansion & Wife,” a new family joins the Evergreen Terrace. At one point, Homer introduces himself to a character named Thayer, who comments about how firm Homer’s handshake is, saying, “That’s quite a grip.”.