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Pete Buttigieg Chased Off Stage at Event by Left Wing ‘Climate Activists’ (VIDEO)

  |   By Polling+ Staff

Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was recently speaking at an event in Baltimore when the stage was ambushed by climate change activists demanding an end to fossil fuels.

Buttigieg tried to play along with them at first but ended up being basically chased off the stage.

Pete Buttigieg is simply not left wing enough for these people, which tells you all you need to know about them.

FOX News reports:

Pete Buttigieg chased from event by climate protesters chanting ‘Stop Petro Pete’

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was chased from an event in Baltimore on Tuesday evening after left-wing climate activists stormed the stage and demanded he stop fossil fuel infrastructure projects.

Buttigieg was forced to depart the event — a Maryland policy forum at the city’s Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall hosted by local outlet Baltimore Banner — after more than a dozen activists with the group Climate Defiance stormed the stage yelling slogans. The protesters called on Buttigieg to reject two proposed oil transport projects, the Sea Port Oil Terminal and Texas GulfLink, under review by his agency’s Maritime Administration.

“Petro Pete is a coward. As we write he is ramming down our throats the Sea Port and GulfLink oil terminals – each worse than Keystone,” Climate Defiance tweeted following the event. “We must resist him with all we’ve got. And we will.”

“Your DOT just approved the Seaport Oil Terminal, a project that will have 80 coal plants’ worth of greenhouse gas emissions and will worsen air quality in areas that already live in cancer clusters,” one of the Climate Defiance activists told Buttigieg on stage. “This is about environmental racism and it’s about climate impacts this project will have. Will you commit to stopping these projects?”

If you watch the whole video, you get a sense of how crazy these people are.