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OUTRAGEOUS! Joe Biden Enjoys a Picnic with a Live Band in Rose Garden While Hamas Holds Americans Hostage

  |   By Polling+ Staff

Joe Biden called a lid Sunday morning and went into hiding amid an unprecedented attack against Israel by Hamas terrorists.

Biden has nothing on his public schedule for Sunday. He called it a day at 11:34 am.

According to a pool report, Joe Biden is actually enjoying a picnic in the Rose Garden with a live band.

“The President and First Lady are hosting a BBQ for White House Executive Residence staff and their families,” a pooler said after he heard a live band playing around the Rose Garden.

Meanwhile, Hamas is holding Americans hostage.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war against Hamas after the militant group fired over 5,000 rockets at Israel on Saturday.


Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on Israel, catching the country off-guard during a major Jewish holiday. The attack involved thousands of rockets and dozens of fighters infiltrating Israeli towns near the Gaza Strip.

Horrifying footage has emerged showing women being marched into vehicles, bloodied and bruised. Earlier reports showed Israeli civilians including children, being captured and taken into the Gaza Strip, Daily Mail reported.

The death toll from Saturday’s Hamas terror attack rose to over 700 dead. At least 2,000 were injured.

At least 260 young people were slaughtered at the Dance Party near Kibbutz Urim (Kibbutz Reim) in southern Israel.

The number of Israelis confirmed dead after yesterday’s Hamas invasion has risen to over 700.

Men, women, and children, including elderly people executed in the street and young people shot dead at a dance party.

There has never been anything like this in Israel’s history.