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Newt on totalitarianism in America – The American Spectator

  |   By Polling+ Staff

Leave it to Newt.

In a blistering article in The American Spectator https://spectator.org/american-despotism/  the former Speaker lets loose in a considerable piece titled:

American Despotism

We are faced with a totalitarian cancer that will have to be confronted and defeated at every level.

Not to be forgotten is that Newt Gingrich is not just a former Speaker of the House. He was also a history professor. And the combination has always made him a serious analyst of American politics. His latest – notably run along with a photo of a smiling former President Barack Obama – is but one more example of this. Some excerpts:

“America is now in the deepest, most dangerous constitutional crisis since the hostility in the 1850s that led to secession and civil war.

This constitutional crisis is so widespread and threatening that House Republicans must dramatically widen their investigations. Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden are only a tiny part of a spiderweb of corruption, dishonesty, criminal behavior, and state weaponization. The rule of law is steadily being replaced by a frightening new rule of power.

…House Republicans must recognize, however, that they are currently focused on one tree in a forest of illegality and totalitarian behavior. A powerful and growing faction of the American Left would undermine the Constitution, turn the government into an instrument of coercing Americans to do what it wants, and use the law as a weapon to destroy its political opponents.

…One of the great questions for our generation is whether a ruthless minority weaponizing government and destroying the American rule of law can use sheer force and threat of force to make Americans accept things in which they do not believe.

…The turning point for me was reading Andy McCarthy’s remarkable book Ball of Collusion. Published in 2019, it should have been required reading for every American before the 2020 election. McCarthy is a solid professional prosecutor with almost two decades of experience in the Justice Department. He was the lead prosecutor in the trials of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing terrorists.

He used his prosecutorial skills to take apart the entire effort to tie candidate- and then-President Donald Trump to Russia. The Russian hoax was a deliberate lie funded by the Clinton campaign and seized upon by the FBI and the CIA. It was an opportunity for the system in power to defeat a candidate it didn’t like. After the lie failed to defeat Trump as a candidate, it was used to hamstring his presidency.”

He closes by saying this:

“The Biden investigation will inevitably grow until all the horrors of the corruption, government weaponization, and destruction of the rule of law become known to the American people.

However, it is vital we understand that the Biden family corruption is a small piece of the larger crisis of our constitutional system. We are faced with a totalitarian cancer that will have to be confronted and defeated at every level. The Bidens’ corruption is merely a symptom.” 

Gingrich is spot on here. There need be no reminder that right this minute the totalitarian ruling class weaponization of the legal system has repeatedly indicted a former president of the United States and is now seeking ways to employ the 14th amendment to the Constitution to keep him off the ballot as he runs for re-election.

Clearly the former Speaker has more to say on this. Good for him.

Stay tuned.