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Newsmax: Trump’s Poll Numbers Pose Challenge for Biden

  |   By Polling+ Staff

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Trump’s Poll Numbers Pose Challenge for Biden

The story reports:

“Polls are showing that many voters remember former President Donald Trump’s time in the White House as being positive, leaving President Joe Biden with the dual challenge of bringing his favorable numbers up while pushing back at Trump’s polling results.

Even before the Iowa caucuses, the first contest in the 2024 race, is held, the race appears likely to pit Biden and Trump for a rematch of the 2020 election, but Democrats are concerned with polls showing Trump would handle vital issues better than Biden has been, The Wall Street Journal reported.

In recent weeks, Biden has been speaking out against Trump returning to the White House, warning that Trump will stop Obamacare, bring a national abortion ban, and send jobs overseas. ‘My predecessor has once again, God love him, called for cuts that could rip away health insurance for tens of millions of Americans in Medicaid. They just don’t give up,’ Biden said recently at a White House event after Trump said he’s looking at alternatives to the Affordable Care Act.

Democrats want Biden to go even more negative on Trump, saying efforts to promote the Biden economic agenda are not working to attract potential voters.

Trump has often shown he can bounce back from attacks on him, and many voters have already decided about him.

Trump’s side is also dismissing Biden’s attempts to discredit him, and the numbers appear to be backing up the former president.

According to a recent YouGov/Economist poll, 51% of those responding said Trump did a better job as president, compared to 41% for Biden.

Also, late last week, a new Messenger/Harris poll showed Trump continuing his poll lead against President Joe Biden, coming out eight points ahead in a four-way match-up including independent candidates Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Cornel West.”

Without doubt the collective of all these and other polls is Advantage Trump.

After the Christmas/New Year’s break all of this will become infinitely more serious as 2024 begins, with Iowa looming.

Stay tuned and Merry Christmas.