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Newsmax: Poll: Trump Better Than Biden in Nuke Crisis

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Poll: Trump Better Than Biden in Nuke Crisis

Who would do better in a nuclear showdown?  Newsmax reports:

“In a recent poll conducted by J.L. Partners and reported by the Daily Mail, former President Donald Trump was favored over President Joe Biden in several key areas, including remembering the names of key staff, making it through a one-hour meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and handling a nuclear crisis.

Voters want Trump not Biden in a nuclear emergency

Rob Crilly

Voters would rather have Donald Trump in the White House situation room to handle a nuclear crisis than Biden, a…

This poll, which surveyed 1,005 likely voters, found that 56% expressed confidence in Trump’s ability to make critical decisions during a nuclear emergency, compared to 45% for Biden. Additionally, Trump was preferred by 65%, over Biden’s 43%, when it came to the hypothetical scenario of a meeting with Putin.

Trump also appeared to have an edge in more personal competencies, such as remembering the names of key staff and world leaders, as well as absorbing the details of national security briefings. Notably, the poll revealed a significant divide in perceptions among independent voters, with only 37% believing Biden could effectively manage a one-hour meeting with Putin. 

Commenting on voter perceptions, J.L. Partners co-founder James Johnson suggested that although Biden, 81, and Trump, 77, are close in age, that is not a factor so much as perceived vitality.

‘Though Trump is only three years Biden’s junior, they think he is up to the job and will be able to manage the pressures of the office,’ he stated.

‘A lot of this is due to Trump’s presentation, frenetic activity, and regular stump speeches. He is also resting on his political reputation for strength: Voters say strength is Trump’s biggest asset, and that he is more physically strong and able to get things done than Biden. That is all coming together and crystalizing in voters’ minds as a relative positive about Trump.’

These perceptions come amid warnings from U.S. intelligence agencies about the increasing fragility of the global order.

‘The likelihood that we could find ourselves embroiled in a major conflict is greater now, arguably, than at any point since the Berlin Wall fell, and the scenarios in which a commander in chief is going to be called upon to make split-second decisions is greater now than at at any point in the last several decades,’ Global Situation Room president and former U.S. diplomat Brett Bruen said.”

Things are not looking good on the international scene, and Americans get it. Doubtless this will play a serious role in the election.