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Newsmax: Morning Consult Poll: Economic Worries Put Trump Ahead in 6 Swing States

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Morning Consult Poll: Economic Worries Put Trump Ahead in 6 Swing States

And a new poll.  The story reports:

“Former President Donald Trump has moved ahead of President Joe Biden in six of seven key battleground states largely due to pessimism about the economy, Bloomberg reported.

Trump, the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee, leads Biden in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and North Carolina, according to the latest Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll.

Among the seven swing states that likely will determine the outcome of November’s presidential election, Biden only leads in Michigan, where the president is ahead by 2 percentage points in the Morning Consult poll

The survey found Trump has a 6-point popular-vote lead in a head-to-head matchup with Biden across the seven battleground states. The margin between the two men is similar when third-party or independent contenders are included.

The latest results show that polls largely returned to where they were before the State of the Union, which appeared to give Biden a temporary boost in March with his best showing in the monthly poll since it began in October.

“Some of the shine of the State of the Union address has worn off,” Morning Consult Senior Manager Matt Monday said. “People are really tying Bidenomics and their perception of the economy to the inflation rate.”

Bloomberg reported that more than 3/4 of poll respondents say Biden is responsible for the current performance of the U.S. economy, and almost half said he was “very responsible.”

The poll found a majority of swing-state voters see worsening economic conditions in the coming months. Fewer than 1 in 5 swing-state voters say they expect inflation and borrowing costs to be lower by the end of the year.

Only 23% say the employment rate would improve over the same time period.

Among undecided voters, the share who say they expect improvement on those economic factors is in single digits. 

Trump during the weekend posted about a Fox News battleground poll showing him ahead by double digits in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and by 9 points in Wisconsin, when voters were asked who they trusted to do a better job on the economy.

Battleground Polls: Trump Favored on Economy

Amid posts about his canceled rally Saturday night and decrying the unwinding of presidential immunity by his po…

The Bloomberg/Morning Consult survey also found, for the first time, more than half of swing-state voters say abortion is very important to their vote. The percentages of Democrats and independents who say that has increased since March.

The Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll was conducted April 8-15 among 4,969 registered voters in seven swing states and has a margin of error of 1 percentage point across the seven swing states.”

Obviously, this is late April. There will be more polls. Many.