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Newsmax: Five Catholic Cardinals express concern Pope is recognizing same-sex unions

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TOPSHOT - Pope Francis waves during his visit to the Serafina parish social centre to meet with representatives of volunteers and charity centres, in Lisbon, on August 4, 2023. Around one million pilgrims from all over the world will attend the World Youth Day, the largest Catholic gathering in the world, created in 1986 by John Paul II. (Photo by Thomas COEX / AFP) (Photo by THOMAS COEX/AFP via Getty Images)


There appears to be some turmoil in the upper reaches of the Catholic Church.

Newsmax headlines: https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/pope-francis-same-sex-unions-blessing/2023/10/04/id/1136972/ Home | Newsfront

US Catholics Disturbed by Pope Francis on Same-Sex Unions, Synod Plans

Newsmax reports:

“A letter from five prominent Catholic cardinals to Pope Francis heading into a ‘Synod on Synodality’ at the Vatican this week reflects deep concern among traditionalists as to the direction he is leading the church.

The letter, submitted in the form of questions called a “dubia” released publicly earlier this week, was sent in July and followed statements by Francis, who, despite at times restating church teaching on subjects homosexuality, ordination of women as priests, and necessity for confession to receive communion, has also appeared to cast doubt on the absoluteness of those teachings.

Church and lay leaders told Newsmax that Francis’ reply to the questions didn’t allay many, if any, concerns. 

The Rev. Gerald Murray, a canon lawyer and frequent media commentator on Catholic matters, called Francis’s statements on same-sex marriage as ‘scandalous.’

‘Pope Francis, in response to the cardinals’ question about whether same-sex unions could be blessed by the church,’ Murray said, ‘allowed that ‘pastoral prudence’ might find such blessings permissible, as long as they are distinguished from marriage.’

‘The problem with blessing homosexual unions is not only that this looks like the church is blessing a ‘same-sex marriage,’ Murray, pastor of Holy Family Church in New York City, told Newsmax. 

‘This practice asks God to favor with his grace a relationship based upon a mutual promise to commit gravely immoral sexual acts’ that ‘place souls at risk of eternal damnation.’”

One suspects that this issue is going to wind up not unlike the Catholic Church’s opposition to divorce. The opposition may be there, but divorce rolls on, now a decidedly common factor in American life whether the Catholic Church disapproves – or not.

And modern life rolls on.