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Newsmax: Blue light from cell phones and early puberty: A parental alert

  |   By Polling+ Staff

Girl screen time at sunset, cityscape

Now they tell us.

A parental alert.

Here’s this jewel of a headline from Newsmaxhttps://www.newsmax.com/health/health-news/blue-light-digital-devices/2023/09/27/id/1136065/

Blue Light From Screens May Trigger Early Puberty

The story reports:

“A new study provides more evidence that parents should limit children’s screen time. Turkish researchers discovered a connection between blue light exposure from smartphones, tablets and similar devices and the onset of early puberty.

According to Study Finds, these findings highlight the impact modern habits, such as increased screen time, can have on the physiological development of children. In recent years, puberty has been starting earlier in both girls and boys. While early puberty can be caused by genetics, brain abnormalities, such as tumors, or issues with the thyroid, adrenal or sex glands, scientists have now found that more blue light exposure may lead to earlier puberty.  

…The same group of researchers also found that female rats exposed to blue light displayed early signs of puberty in previous research.

“For the first time, we found a direct relationship between blue light exposure and early puberty in male rats,” said Aylin Kilinҫ Uğurlu from Ankara Bilkent City Hospital in a news release. “Our findings align with our previous work on female rats, which also showed similar effects, thereby providing a more comprehensive view of how blue light may influence puberty in both male and female rats.”

Uğurlu stressed that more research is needed.”

And as if all of that was not concerning enough, there was this other news about the male rats in the test:

“These rats also had hindered sperm development and showed signs of testicular tissue damage, says Study Finds.”

One may not need to be a rat to pay attention to all this.