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Newsmax: Biden Admin Flew 320K Migrants Into US Last Year

  |   By Polling+ Staff

(Photo by VERONICA G. CARDENAS / AFP) (Photo by VERONICA G. CARDENAS/AFP via Getty Images)

Biden Admin Flew 320K Migrants Into US Last Year

Newsmax reports:

“The Biden administration has used secretive flights to transport migrants into the U.S., adding to the massive influx at the southern border, a Center for Immigration Studies’ Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit discovered.

The center’s Todd Bensman first reported that the FOIA suit discovered that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) approved secretive flights that last year alone transported 320,000 illegal immigrants from foreign countries into at least 43 different U.S. airports.

‘This administration is both importing voters and creating a national security threat from unvetted illegal immigrants,’ Elon Musk posted on X while sharing a story about the secretive flights. ‘It is highly probable that the groundwork is being laid for something far worse than 9/11. Just a matter of time.’

While Democrat-led cities and media have focused on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s initiative that has bused migrants from the border to elsewhere in the U.S., the CBP has refused to disclose the airports where the secretive migrant flights landed.

The agency’s lawyers say the airport locations can’t be revealed because those hundreds of thousands of CBP-authorized arrivals have created such ‘operational vulnerabilities’ at airports that ‘bad actors’ could undermine law enforcement efforts to ‘secure the United States border’ if they knew the volume of CBP One traffic processed at each port of entry, according to the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

The CBP One scheduling app is part of the administration’s “lawful pathways” strategy, with its stated purpose being to reduce the number of illegal border entries between ports of entry. The countries whose citizens are eligible are Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Thus, migrants who cannot legally enter the U.S. use the app to apply for travel authorization and temporary humanitarian release from those airports. The administration’s parole program allows for two-year periods of legal status during which adults are eligible for work authorization.

The government characterizes these programs as ‘family reunification programs,’ according to CIS.

In 2022, the Biden administration used taxpayer money to move migrants throughout the country on overnight flights.”

Video Shows Migrants Being Secretly Flown Into New York Airport

Newly obtained video shows migrants landing in Westchester, New York, on a secret charter flight.

Is this news to Congress? And if so, will there be a congressional investigation?