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Liberals Outraged After School Board in California Votes to Allow Only the State and U.S. Flags to Fly Over Schools

  |   By Polling+ Staff

The school board in Sunol Glen School Unified School District in California has voted to allow only the state flag and the U.S. flag to fly over school buildings, outraging many people on the left.

Liberals obviously want to be able to fly the LGBT pride flag and BLM flags at school buildings and this measure would prevent that.

This is an example of what can be done when parents retake control of their local school boards.

FOX News reports:

Parents outraged after California school votes to forbid banners other than American, state flag

Parents and staff are claiming a California school district is targeting LGBTQ Pride flags after the board voted to forbid the display of banners other than the American or California state flags.

Trustees representing the Sunol Glen School Unified School District in the East Bay, which serves 270 K-8 students, engaged in a tense exchange with attendees at a Tuesday meeting.

“The symbol of the flag solidifies that message,” Sunol Glen Superintendent and Principal Molleen Barnes said during Tuesday’s meeting. “Tonight, with this resolution, our board members have been clear where they stand.”

Barnes also noted that the school has previously displayed Pride flags to remind LGBTQ students and families they “are a place of equity and inclusivity.”

“When a school starts endorsing any single particular point of view, that can be divisive,” Board President Ryan Jergensen said when asked to explain the proposed policy. “The school should be inclusive of all. Individual views are irrelevant. I prefer to seek more for what unites us as a school.”

People on both sides of the issue turned out.

Opposing rallies happening now. At 6, the Sunol Glen School District will consider banning any flag besides the American & California flag from being displayed. Some say that impacts groups like the LGBTQ+ community, while others support the measure.