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Joe Rogan: It Seems Like As S**t Gets Crazier, the More Trump Is A ‘Shoo-in’ for 2024 (VIDEO)

  |   By Polling+ Staff

During a recent episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan suggested that as things get crazier, the 2024 election looks better for Trump.

Rogan is certainly right about the crazy part.

Wars are breaking out all over, inflation is still through the roof and we basically have no border at this point.

Real Clear Politics provides a transcript:

JOE ROGAN: We’re powerless in this thing, it seems like in the elections they do their very best to ensure they win, whether or not it is legal or illegal, like what they’re doing with Robert Kennedy Jr. It’s insane…

If you’re an independent, can you win?

It seems to me like the more time goes on, the more Trump is a shoo-in. It seems like if this shit keeps getting crazier and crazier, there are going to be a lot of liberals voting for him. He was the one in the beginning saying we’ve got to stop people from dying. Like, do you want Ukraine to win this war? Remember that conversation? He’s like, “I want people to stop dying.” Like, which is the best answer any politician has ever given. And the way he said it.

See if you can find the one where he’s talking about Milley leaving stuff over in Afghanistan. I might have saved it. It was so funny, the way he was saying it. Did you see the thing he was saying about electric tanks? That was hilarious too.

Watch below, but be aware there are lots of four letter words here:

Trump is certainly rising in the polls, and for many of the reasons that Rogan cites here.

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