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Israel standing up to United Nations for its cover-up for Hamas: no more automatic visas

  |   By Polling+ Staff

Israel is taking a stand against the United Nations after its “silence on Hamas terrorism and its apparent collaboration with Hamas within Gaza” reports Breitbart. Israel announced visas for UN officials will no longer automatically be approved, and instead considered on a case-by-case basis.

In a press briefing, Israeli government spokesman Eytan Laor stated:

“An update on the deeply problematic involvement of the United Nations in this conflict: For too long, international officials have been deflecting blame onto Israel to cover up for the fact that they are covering up for Hamas. In failing to condemn Hamas for hijacking aid, and failing to condemn it for waging war out of hospitals, they have been complicit partners in Hamas’s human shields strategy. They have let the world down. We are demanding global accountability, and now we are leading by example. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that visa requests by UN employees will no longer be granted automatically, and will instead be considered on a case-by-case basis. Israel will stop working with those who cooperate with the Hamas terror regime’s propaganda machine, and we urge our allies to do the same, and stand up for basic integrity in the global institutions that should serve, and not sabotage, international security.”

Breitbart reports that Israel has been frustrated for many years with the one-sided nature of deliberations at the UN, which tends to criticize Israel alone, and completely out of proportion to criticism of any other country.

Since the terror attacks on Israel on October 7th by Hamas, much of the corrupt behavior by the United Nations in the region has been unearthed. UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has been radicalizing young Palestinians and perpetuating the conflict. “More recently, it has also noted the UN’s silence on Hamas, its indifference to the theft of international aid by Hamas, and its reluctance to condemn terror against Israel” adds Breitbart.

Israel has also been sharply critical of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which has not been allowed to visit Israeli hostages held by Hamas — and has been passive in pushing for the right to do so, which it has under international law.