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GOP New Hampshire Governor Dismantles Gun Control Arguments

  |   By Polling+ Staff
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During a new interview, Republican New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu defended the Second Amendment and dismantled gun control arguments.

Sununu made his comments during a Sunday interview on NBC News’ “Meet The Press” with host Chuck Todd, saying that more gun regulations are not the solution to gun violence. 

“If the idea is, ‘Well, we should just pass more laws,’ if that was the answer, then why didn’t Democrats when they ran the House, they controlled the Senate, they controlled the presidency over the last two years, why didn’t they do anything?” Sununu asked. “Because they know it’s not about passing more laws. They know that places like Chicago that have the most, some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country still have some of the worst crime and, frankly, the most irresponsibility with the mass shootings in all of this.”

“I’m the governor of one of the safest states in the country, where we also have some of the most flexible, pro-Second Amendment rules and laws in the country because we take those things very responsibly,” he added. “We harden schools, we deal with mental health, especially in kids. We go after the core of the issue instead of saying, ‘Well, we should just pass more laws.’ If it were that easy, people would do it. But it’s not. If it were that easy, even Democrats would do it. They didn’t. So stop trying to take these tragedies, these human tragedies, and making — trying to make political fodder out of them. It’s a real losing effort, I think, on the Democrats’ part.”

Sununu also attacked red flag laws, pointing out cities like Chicago that have these laws but are still suffering from an increase in gun-related crime.

“Look at the red flag laws in Chicago, just as an example,” Sununu said. “Over the past two or three years, you’ve had nearly 2,000 deaths by firearms and murders. I think the red flag laws have been actually implemented less than a dozen times, right? So as they try these new things, as they try these more restrictive laws in those urban areas that you’re talking about, it’s not working, right?”

“More laws aren’t the answer,” he continued, later adding: “I mean, supporting police, securing your streets, holding people accountable. Enough of this bail reform nonsense. Holding folks accountable so they don’t feel like they can get away with everything. There’s a lot of that going on across the country in a whole variety of ways, specifically in those urban areas you’re talking about.”