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Fox News: Police crackdown at Columbia divides New York Democrats

  |   By Polling+ Staff

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Police crackdown at Columbia divides New York Democrats 

Police at Columbia is a political hot potato for New York Democrats.  Fox reports:

“The arrests at Columbia University have divided New York Democrats, with some expressing outrage and others calling the protests violent and unlawful. 

“If any kid is hurt tonight, responsibility will fall on the mayor and univ presidents,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted on X shortly after New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that police would intervene to end the occupation of Hamilton Hall.

“Other leaders and schools have found a safe, de-escalatory path. This is the opposite of leadership and endangers public safety. A nightmare in the making,” she said. “I urge the Mayor to reverse course.” 

After the police made dozens of arrests at Hamilton Hall, Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., expressed outrage at the number of officers called to deal with “nonviolent” protesters.

“I am outraged by the level of police presence called upon nonviolent student protestors on Columbia and CCNY’s campuses. As an educator who has first hand experience with the over-policing of our schools, this is personal to me,” Bowman posted on X.

But fellow Democratic Rep. Ritchie Torres, whose district encompasses Columbia University, had a different take. 

“No one has a First Amendment right to erect illegal encampments, blockade entrances, vandalize property, break windows and doors, block students from accessing campus, hold people hostage, and harass and intimidate ‘Zionists’ (i.e. most Jews),” Torres posted.

“These are not activities protected by the First Amendment.  These are crimes punishable by law.” 

Noteworthy? The one Democrat quoted who approved of the police actions –  Rep. Ritchie Torres – is the only one who has Columbia University in his district.