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Fox News: Jimmy Hoffa may be buried at site of demolished MLB stadium: cold case group Hoffa’s disappearance in 1975 sparked one of the most notorious murder mysteries in American history

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PITTSBURGH, PA - APRIL 12: This 12 April, 1971 file photo shows James "Jimmy" Hoffa (L) former president of the Teamsters union, and his son James P. Hoffa (C) wait at the Greater Pittsburgh Airport where they were changing planes enroute to the federal prison in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania after visiting "Jimmy" Hoffa's wife at a hospital in San Francisco. "Jimmy" Hoffa was returning to prison under the custody of his son. James P. Hoffa was elected 05 December president of the Teamsters after his main opponent, Tom Leedham, conceded defeat. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read JERRY SISKIND/AFP via Getty Images)

Mystery finally solved?

Fox News reports that, yes indeed, the late union leader Jimmy Hoffa’s resting place has, in fact, been found. After 48 years.

The Fox headline: https://www.foxnews.com/us/jimmy-hoffa-may-be-buried-at-site-of-demolished-baseballl-stadium-cold-case-group

Jimmy Hoffa may be buried at site of demolished MLB stadium: cold case group 

Hoffa’s disappearance in 1975 sparked one of the most notorious murder mysteries in American history

The story reports:

“A nonprofit group of cold case crime investigators believes it has located a site in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

The Case Breakers said a “a dying police sergeant’s scribbled instructions on an ace of spades” playing card helped lead their years-long investigation to the old site of Milwaukee County Stadium in Wisconsin, according to a Wednesday press release.

The alleged burial site is next to the current Milwaukee Brewers stadium, American Family Field, where they believe Hoffa’s body lies in a spot under where the demolished stadium’s third-base line previously stood. 

Jim Zimmerman, a 13-year member of Case Breakers and a former police officer, is credited with locating the ace of spades playing card which they say was written by a dying police sergeant believed to be involved with Hoffa’s kidnapping.

‘Independent sources in three states convinced the volunteer investigators that CSI forensics will reveal Hoffa’s remains at a little league field, in the shadow of Milwaukee’s MLB stadium,’ the press release stated. Three credible witnesses are said to have claimed that six years before the demolition of Milwaukee County Stadium, Hoffa’s body was moved from another location and ‘secretly buried in 1995 under this old stadium’s 3rd base.’ 

The alleged burial site now sits just outside the fence of a Little League stadium, Helfaer Field, that was built in 2002 in the middle of the parking lot that replaced the old stadium.

The Case Breakers went to the location, utilized old aerial photographs and GPS satellite images, and deployed “ground-penetrating radar over the remote location three times.” The operator’s equipment was not able to detect beyond 5 feet because, according to Case Breakers, an “unexpected clay layer” blocked the radar which they believe suggests a dig had taken place that was “hurriedly excavated and backfilled.”

Additionally, Case Breakers founder Thomas J. Colbert told Fox News Digital that the team brought one of the “top” cadaver dog experts to the site, retired cop Carren Corcoran, and her dog gave a positive signal several times.

This gal has, I believe the figure is over 200 cases of finding either the dead or the missing,’ Colbert said. ‘She’s phenomenal and she brought in her dog and where does the dog go? Right to the ground penetration radar spot three years earlier and that’s where we got excited.’”


If the world is about to be reduced to ashes in World War III at least we have the satisfaction – at long last!- of knowing where those long-ago mob hitmen buried ole Jimmy.

For those not around in the day, Jimmy Hoffa was the epitome of the tough-guy, mob connected union boss. The union in his case was the Teamsters.

Notably, Hoffa played a real role in the elevation of Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy to the fame required to be elected President of the United States. Not to mention did he make a serious public figure out of JFK’s younger brother Bobby. (That would be Robert F. Kennedy Sr., father of today’s presidential candidate RFK Jr.)

As a Senator JFK sat as a member of the U.S. Senate’s Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field. Brother Bobby was the Committee’s Chief Counsel. It was 1957.

And it was in that role as Chief Counsel that RFK went head to head with Jimmy Hoffa on live television. Kennedy was relentless, but when all was said and done, other than riveting television in the early days of television, there wasn’t much Kennedy could do to trip up or punish Hoffa.

And then.

And then JFK was elected president – and made brother Bobby Attorney General. Bobby was on record calling Hoffa “the most dangerous man in America” and set up a “Get Hoffa” squad in the Justice Department.

Finally, Hoffa was convicted on a perjury charge. He and the Teamsters were expelled from the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization.

In 1975 Hoffa quite famously and under mysterious circumstances disappeared from the parking lot of a restaurant – never to be seen again.

The assumption has been that Hoffa was murdered. But his body has never been found. In fact the whereabouts of Hoffa’s body became something of a humorous guessing game. At one point he was supposed to be under the playing field of the New York Giants football team. No go.

So now, with the help of a seriously good cadaver dog, the latest Hoffa story is that his cadaverous body has at last been located – in Milwaukee.

Stay tuned.

The Hoffa legend continues.