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Daily Caller: DNC Forms First-Ever Team To Combat Third-Party Candidates In 2024

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DNC Forms First-Ever Team To Combat Third-Party Candidates In 2024

Well this is interesting.  The Daily Caller reports:

“The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is forming a team to help combat third-party and independent candidates in 2024, which it views as a threat to President Joe Biden’s candidacy, NBC News reported on Thursday.

Independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr., “Justice for All Party” candidate Cornel West, Green Party candidate Jill Stein and a No Labels “Unity Ticket” could all share a ballot with Biden and former President Donald Trump in November. The DNC’s coalition will focus on an aggressive communications strategy, as well as opposition research and legal challenges to counter candidates it views as potential spoilers, sources involved in the effort told NBC News. 

“We’re facing an unprecedented election and we know the GOP is already working to prop up third-party candidates like Robert Kennedy Jr. to make them stalking horses for Donald Trump,” Matt Corridoni, spokesperson for the new team, told NBC News. “With so much on the line, we’re not taking anything for granted. We’re going to make sure voters are educated and we’re going to make sure all candidates are playing by the rules.”

Veteran Democratic operative Lis Smith will lead the group alongside DNC insiders Mary Beth Cahill and Ramsey Reid, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Dems Launch Latest Attack To Hamstring Another Third-Party Candidate)

Stein’s campaign manager Jason Call told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the allegation that her candidacy has spoiled Democratic candidacies in previous cycles is “ludicrous and offensive to democratic principles.” 

“Rather than try to take away ballot options that would better represent the interests of the American public, perhaps the Democratic Party should focus on passing legislation that would actually help struggling people such as a universal single payer healthcare program or guaranteed housing,” said Call. “Sadly, both major political parties in America are fully beholden to the corporate interests which fund the political system. Third parties, in particular the Green Party, are a challenge to that system of corporate hegemony which seeks to deny the general public their own collective power.” 

The DNC has already taken aim at Kennedy’s candidacy, and filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission in early February over alleged illegal cooperation with an aligned super political action committee (PAC). The complaint is rooted in American Values 2024 collecting signatures for Kennedy to secure ballot access in various states, which the DNC argues is a form of in-kind contributions.

Various other left-leaning groups are targeting independent and third-party candidates ahead of November for fear of them siphoning off more votes from Biden to swing the election to Trump, including American Bridge, MoveOn, Third Way, Citizens to Save Our Republic and End Citizens United, according to NBC News. 

“Trump needs to split the anti-Trump coalition. If we’re united, we win. If we’re not, he wins,” Pat Dennis, the president of American Bridge, told the outlet. “We see [Kennedy and No Labels] essentially as an arm of the Trump campaign and we intend to treat it as such.”

Trump’s campaign touted his lead in various polls upon request for comment regarding the DNC’s new efforts.

“There are more than 100 polls showing President Trump crushing Joe Biden, including recent polling that has him leading in every key battleground state and winning independents by double digits,” Karoline Leavitt, national press secretary for the Trump campaign, told the DCNF. 

“Joe Biden no longer has a base as key Democrat constituencies such as African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and women are supporting President Trump because they are sick and tired of Crooked Joe’s record-high inflation, open borders, crime and chaos.” 

Polling indicates that when Kennedy, West and Stein are on the ballot, Trump’s lead over Biden grows slightly, accordingto the RealClearPolitics (RCP) average.

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The DNC, No Labels, Kennedy’s campaign and West’s campaign did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s requests for comment.”

There is a belief in Democrat circles that third party candidate Jill Stein cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election. This time they will not be caught sleeping on this issue of third party candidates.