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CHANGE: Seattle City Council Passes Ban on Public Drug Use

  |   By Polling+ Staff

The Seattle City Council has passed a ban on public drug use. Will wonders never cease?

Of course, the far left members of the council voted against this and far left activists tried to invade the chamber during the vote, but it passed. Is this a sign that some people in the city have finally reached their limit?

This came up in June, but was rejected by the council. What has changed since then?

PJ Media reports:

SHOCKER! Seattle Passes Ban on Drug Use in Public

Activists invaded the Seattle city council chambers during a debate on a bill that would ban the possession and use of illegal drugs in public, screaming, “You have blood on your hands!”

Presumably. drug addicts will die if they can’t light up or shoot up on city buses, where drivers report getting sick from fentanyl smoke. Or get high while lying in the middle of a sidewalk. Or overdose in city parks.

Seattle is looking to take a small step in rejoining the civilized world by making illegal drugs illegal again. Those who use or possess illegal drugs can be subject to a gross misdemeanor charge, although police will have wide latitude in how they treat the addict.

“I hope that we see a measurable increase in the number of people who are getting well, who are taking advantage of services and who are getting off the street,” Councilmember Andrew Lewis said, according to KING 5. “And I hope that we see accountability for people who are declining those services, who continue to disrupt public services on our streets by not taking advantage of them.”

This will end up saving some lives.

The drug problem is connected to the homeless problem and the crime problem. The city had to start somewhere.

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