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Breitbart: Report: Robber Shot Dead While Stuffing Pockets Full of Money

  |   By Polling+ Staff

Talk about gun control.

Or make that control of a gun.

Breitbart headlines this out of crime-ridden Philadelphia: https://www.breitbart.com/2nd-amendment/2023/10/26/alleged-robber-shot-dead-stuffing-pockets-money/

Report: Robber Shot Dead While Stuffing Pockets Full of Money

The story reports this of a robbery gone awry:

“An alleged robber in Southwest Philadelphia was shot and killed Wednesday as he was reportedly taking money from a convenience store register and stuffing it into his pockets.

Head Topics reported that the alleged robber, a 28-year-old male with a firearm, entered the Happy Day Food Market around 10:30 p.m., walked behind the counter, and began taking cash from the register.

The alleged robber was wearing gloves and a mask that covered part of his face. 

CBS News Philadelphia noted that a store employee in his 20s drew a gun and opened fire, striking the alleged robber multiple times.

The alleged robber was pronounced dead 15 minutes after entering the store.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said, ‘You can clearly see that there’s money on the scene and you can clearly see that at least one of the [alleged robber’s] pockets is stuffed with money.’”

As the nation watches the spectacle of Maine and federal authorities conducting a manhunt for the Lewiston mass shooter, the obvious thought occurs. Why was there no one along the Maine killer’s murderous path with a gun – who could have abruptly ended the massacre just as that Philadelphia store employee abruptly put an end to the robber in his store?

While it will doubtless take time to get the answer to that, it seems more than possible that to the extent Maine’s pro-gun control forces have made it difficult to get a gun, or even simply used the gun control movement to persuade Maine residents not to have a gun in the first place – they got their wish.

Fortunately for the store owner and his employee in Philadelphia, they were not listening. And a robbery, not to mention a potential murder of the store owner and employee, was prevented.

With the robber paying the ultimate price.