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Majority of Dems Say Biden ‘Too Old’ to Serve Another Term

A new survey from the Associated Press finds a vast majority of the American public -including Democrats-...
Hunter Biden

Americans Don't Think DOJ's Handling of Hunter 'Fair, Nonpartisan'

According to a new ABC News/Ipsos poll, a plurality of Americans does not believe the Department of Justice...
Election 2024

RFK Slays! Dem Candidate Wants to Debate Joe —and the Polls Support Him!

During recent remarks to the press at the Iowa State Fair, Democratic presidential candidate Robert F....

82% of New Yorkers Say the Migrant Influx is a Problem; Poll

According to a recently released Siena College survey, 82% of New Yorkers believe the migrant influx is...

New Poll Shows 64% of Americans Want McConnell to Resign

According to a new poll from Redfield & Wilton Strategies, 64% of eligible voters think Senate Minority...
Election 2024

Don Warns Ron: Stay Out of 2024, 'Not Doing Well Against Me in the Polls'

Former President and 2024 candidate Donald Trump hit TRUTH Social on Monday to issue a warning to fellow...