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And the Harvard turmoil continues.

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 ‘It’s Racist To Expect The Best … ?’: John McWhorter Calls For Harvard President Claudine Gay To Resign

The DC reports:

“John McWhorter called on Harvard president Claudine Gay to resign Thursday amid allegations she engaged in several acts of plagiarism.

McWhorter is an associate professor at Columbia University’s Slavic Department and author of more than 20 books, according to hisbiography on Columbia University’s website. (RELATED: Harvard President Requests Even More Corrections To Her Academic Work As Plagiarism Accusations Mount)

Seven of Gay’s academic papers have faced accusations of plagiarism. In some cases, she allegedly lifted entire paragraphs from other works, and she has also allegedly cited over 20 authors improperly. The Harvard president has produced 11 peer reviewed papers and one book throughout her entire academic career.

“The tipping point is here. It’d really be good if Claudine Gay resigned now. The mere 11 papers was unseemly, but just maybe a university president doesn’t need to be a top-class scholar. But the sheer volume of the plagiarism ON TOP OF THIS is a really bad look,” McWhorter tweeted Thursday. 

“Meanwhile, the implication will be that this kind of mediocrity and sloppiness is somehow okay for black scholars, that the symbolism of our blackness, our “diverseness,” is what matters most about us. I am unclear where the black pride (or antiracism) is in this,” McWhorter added. 

“But – Harvard won’t dismiss her, out of fear of being called racist (and, I suspect, out of a quiet sense that it’s racist to expect the best from black people …?). Prof. Gay should do the right thing for Harvard, herself, and black America and step down,” McWhorter said via tweet. 

Gay’s response during a hearing before the House of Representatives regarding whether the university would take any action against those calling for the genocide of Jews caused controversy and led to calls for her resignation. Gay has since apologized for her response and said Harvard was not a place where such calls for violence will “go unchallenged.” Despite these scandals, the Harvard Corporation has so far reaffirmed their support for their president.”

Christmas may have arrived but clearly this Harvard problem will be here still in the New Year.