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67% of Dems Don't Want Joe and More Bad News for Biden in Latest CNN Poll

  |   By Polling+ Staff

Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Nobody wants Uncle Joe 2024…

According to a recent CNN poll, GOP 2024 frontrunner Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden 47% to 46% among registered voters. But the real bad news for Biden: 67% of Democrats are overwhelmingly on the side of wanting anyone but Biden to be the Democrat presidential nominee in 2024.


From Newsmax:

Health, age, and potential exposure to his son’s foreign business dealings are the top reasons.

Some 73% of U.S. adults are very concerned about Biden’s mental and physical health, including 56% of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independent voters.

Additionally, 61% of U.S. adults say then-Vice President Biden had some involvement in Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, including 90% of Republican and GOP-leaning voters and 64% of independents. Even a plurality (42%) say Biden acted “illegally.”

While Trump leads Biden by 1 point, some other GOP presidential primary candidates poll even better against the incumbent. Nikki Haley polls the strongest at plus-6 points (49%-43%), making her the only one who falls outside the poll’s margin of error.

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